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 Solar Home Heating & Night Air Cooling 

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Solectair wish to advise that NO PRODUCT is available at present or likely to be in the near future.

We hold licencing rights to patents and licence manufacture, distribution and sales out to third party companies. Our previously licenced manufacturer ceased production in 2013 and we will consider applications from interested manufacturers.   

Solectair is inviting expressions of interest from companies or investors interested in entering the Cleantech sector, we have licences available - please see our licence opportunities page (on the sales tab above)


Products What it does for youCost Excl. Freight & Installation*Click Below
Solectair Add-On Kit for Ducted Evaporative Airconditioners Converts your Evaporative Cooler so it delivers Solar Heating from vents Unavailable More
Solectair UNO 4 Outlet Ducted Stand -Alone Kit (Extra outlet kits available) Solar Heating and Night Air Cooling when you have no ducted system. Unavailable More
Solectair UNO Add-On Kit for Ducted Reverse Cycle Airconditioners Solar Heating and Night Air Cooling conversion for your Airconditioner Unavailable More
Solectair UNO Add-On Kit for Ducted Roof Mounted Gas Furnaces Solar Heating and Night Air Cooling conversion for your Gas Furnace Unavailable More

Your Roof is a Free Solar Collector: - The household roof when exposed to sunlight, even in winter, acts as a large solar collector and the collected heat is stored in the roof space.
Solectair harvests and automatically filters and transfers this stored heat into the house, which will remain warm into the evening and overnight.

Home Test For Heating Suitability:  - Solectair can often raise the indoor temperature to around 5 deg below the roof space temperature. 

One test you could try; is to use a wireless digital thermometer and place the remote sensor in the roof space about 400mm below the ridge. (You can purchase these thermometers from stores like Bunnings, Dick Smith, Woolworths etc. for around $20-$40.)

By seeing what roof space temperature you are getting will help to see how effective Solectair will be. The unit comes on when the roof temp exceeds around 20 deg c and is 5 deg warmer than your living area.


"In many cases, the use of Solectair will almost totally alleviate the need to use conventional heating during autumn and spring with a reduced need for conventional heating during winter" (Murdoch University Report)

"Solectair is considerably better performing than any fuel, electrical or reverse cycle heating system" (Murdoch University Report)



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The Sunday Times newspaper (WA), ran an editorial in their Home + Winter Warmth magazine in May 2004, please refer to the downloadable PDF file:
Hot Air (143K)

*Solectair can reduce conventional home heating costs by up to 50% in NSW, Vic, SA & WA; more in QLD and less in ACT and Tas, although the $ savings in these colder locations is higher.


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